Native multi-DRM

Axinom technology partners enable seamless playback in modern browsers. Enjoy adaptive streaming video that plays directly using your browser's native capabilities.

Bitmovin is an Axinom technology partner that, among other products and services, offers the multi-DRM capable Bitmovin player that you see above. It is able to make use of your browser’s native DRM technology without the need for any plugins. The Bitmovin player is one of the preferred browser-based players that Axinom uses in its end-to-end media solutions.

Unified Streaming provides a comprehensive content processing software suite that is capable of publishing multi-DRM videos that conform to modern standards and specifications. In this showcase, the Unified Streaming origin server is generating a single video protected using multiple DRM technologies.

Video by Gorilla. CDN by Level3.

This showcase is compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome.