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The world of premium video services is changing, with Axinom on the leading edge of innovation. Our white papers explain the modern approach and help you meet the future head-on.

The traditionally diverse technological landscape of media formats, delivery technologies, DRM systems and app platforms is today converging into a uniform and standardized form thanks to the efforts of entities such as the DASH Industry Forum and the W3C. Their efforts have given us a modern adaptive streaming technology that combines the positive aspects of all the previous generation candidates into an international standard and enjoys wide support on many devices and platforms, helping solutions reach an ever greater range of end-users.

It is important to understand the foundation that premium video solutions should be built upon to take the maximum advantage of modern technologies. The set of white papers published here aims to guide you in designing your solutions using modern and cost-effective methods while also maintaining a realistic outlook by outlining areas where previous-generation approaches must still be used to reach a certain audience.

The Multi-DRM is required white paper outlines why Axinom considers it critical to target multiple DRM technologies in every solution and notes the challenges that must be overcome by a DRM service provider.

The DASH is required white paper is a brief one due to the simple but high-impact nature of the topic. It explains why using DASH can lead to significant cost savings in the content processing and delivery architecture.

The Player selection considerations paper provides an expert opinion on the topic of choosing the best player for your solutions. Many areas of importance are outlined and real-world issues Axinom has encountered are pointed out.

The Elements of modern content security paper outlines some key innovations that empower a modern approach to content security, serving as a conceptual overview suitable for use as a high-level reference in secure solution design.

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The documents are provided “as-is” and any information contained within may change without notice. Axinom does not guarantee the accuracy of the content.